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Asbestos Identification

We offer comprehensive and detailed sample analysis through a number of NATA accredited companies that we deal with closely. Analysis is done through collection of a small sample of onsite material suspected to be ACM.  This sample is then put through a series of tests by experienced analysts to determine asbestos content.  

Asbestos Waste Clean Up, Collection and Disposal

Our clients often come across remnants from houses that were previously demolished on their property.  Very often this is asbestos containing material.  Other times it's mix of asbestos containing material and other industrial or domestic waste, leftover from house renovations.  Whether it be a few handfuls or a few truck loads, we will thoroughly remove all traces and safely dispose of following strict EPA guidelines.

Sheds, Garages, Fences & Other Small Structures

Although most of us have at least one of these structures on our property, they tend tend to be easily overlooked.  However, old and damaged sheds, garages, fences and other small structures can be more of a dangerous threat to you and your familys health than the actual home you are living in.  There are a huge number of alternatives to use in place of asbestos contaminated materials, which are not just better safer for your health, but also better for the environment.  

Vinyl Flooring and Tiles

Another wonder product was a vinyl tile as well as vinyl flooring, asbestos was added to the vinyl plastic resin to increase it’s flexibility and hardness, also it increased greatly it’s insulating properties.

Asbestos vinyl products existed since the 1920’s and become very popular as the product was cheap, easy to lay and durable, if undisturbed it’s not as dangerous as when it’s broken-up, cut, and worse, sanded.

It needs to be removed with care, but that’s not the end of it, often the asbestos material has been glued to the floor, when the asbestos floor tiles or linoleum is removed the glue captures asbestos fibres, so remember when removing the asbestos floor covering, get the glue layer removed as well.

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Internal and External Household Sheeting, Cladding and Flooring

Houses built prior to 1990 were most likely done so using asbestos containing material.  Roofs, walls, eaves, flat sheets and flashings are all common areas that asbestos containing material if found but also many other areas that may not be as obvious such as the imitation brick wall cladding that was often used to cover up existing weatherboards, the sheeting hidden behind all your kitchen and bathroom tiles and the flooring beneath your carpet.

 Many people are being exposed to contaminated material on a daily basis, whether it be in their family home, rented property, a holiday home, the garden shed, workplace, schools or early childhood education centres, just to mention a few.

Restoral and Replacement Services

Once the asbestos is removed you may need something to replace it with and this is where we can also help. Our experienced team includes a fully qualified Carpenter, Plasterer, Plumber and Gas Fitter who are able to work together to assess your individual situation, advise you on available options, provide you with a free, no obligation quote and complete the work to the highest of standards.

Asbestos Flue & Water Pipes

Asbestos water pipe has become a big issue in Victoria of late.

We offer a wide range of removal services to suit individual company needs.

With a Crane truck within the fleet of vehicles, there is no job too big or too small.

Safety being paramount to Bass Coast Asbestos Removal, all relevant paperwork for jobs can be provided. 

Including, asbestos removal control plan, and worksafe notification paperwork.

Also upon request a visual clearance certificate can be provided.

Bass Coast Asbestos Removal only uses NATA accredited agencies for clearance certificates. 

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